OZOfresh Ozone Technologies


Ozone (O3), an allotrope of oxygen occurring in nature as a colourless gas, is a powerful oxidizing agent with extremely effective disinfection and micro-biocidal properties being capable of disabling both surface contaminating and air-borne bacterial as well as fungal food spoilage and pathogenic organisms (see illustration below).

Ozone is the most powerful natural sanitiser known to man

Ozone is some 1500 times more powerful than Chlorine!

Ozone leaves NO residue as it reverts to oxygen within minutes.

Ozone is FREE and is simply made by combining air with electricity

With particular application to fresh produce, both whole and prepared, ozone is also capable of removing ethylene from storage and headspace atmospheres, thus minimising the deleterious effects of premature senescence that this volatile plant hormone can cause (see illustration below).

EMCO has developed these beneficial qualities and can now produce and supply a number of ozone generating and control systems for:

  • Ozone Chamber Sanitisation: a water-free, surface sanitisation of food, packaging and production consumable during low care to high care transfers
  • Ozone Gas Flushing: utilise and physically add ozone as a flushing gas as part of the packaging process 
  • Ozone Transport Preservation: atmosphere and surface microbial disinfection, as well as ethylene removal, for shipping containers and bulk storage areas 
  • Ozone Emitting Sachets: extended performance, ozone releasing inclusions for MA and CA packed products
  • Ozone Refrigerator Preservation: Electronic device to generate ozone in refrigerators to help prevent food spoilage.