Auditing Software


VERIFY software is our new web based, auditing software. Designed to be utilised on a highly portable tablet computer, Verify will assist your company with electronic process control documentation. Typically it is used to provide secure and traceable records of your quality control, quality assurance and or health and safety processes.

Advantages at a glance:

  • No more paper clipboards
  • Web based so can be used by any computer/tablet/smartphone type or operating system
  • Very easy to customise to your particular processes and systems
  • No more wasted time transferring paper records to electronic
  • Original data can be trended to increase efficiencies
  • Data held on secure off site servers
  • Data cannot be edited post the audit, so your customers are assured of your record keeping accuracy
  • Data entry can be tasked to flag on line remedial action
  • Remedial action can also be trended to increase efficiency
  • Live reporting for immediate results
  • If internet connection is lost the audit can continue on the tablet (device) and will automatically upload as soon as the internet connect connection is re-established