Gas Logger

Gas LoggerGasLogger is an innovative instrument, based on wireless technology, that allows the user to monitor (in real-time) Oxygen Concentration, Temperature, Relative Humidity and Pressure from INSIDE a food package!

O2 + Temp + RH + Pressure

The data can also be logged (data logger feature). The instrument has been painstakingly designed & engineered to create a very small sized device only 42x42x28 mm and is composed of two parts: the sensitive head “GasLogger” which measures, records and transmits the data and the receiver, the "IceTag USB Reader" which can control thousands of GasLogger heads by reading, graphing and recording simultaneously each parameter. Every GasLogger can store up to 300,000 data entries, with an acquisition interval from a second to a day. For the first time it’s possible to monitor the changes in oxygen concentration, relative humidity and temperature from inside a food package, in real time and real conditions, outside of the lab and throughout the supply chain.