OZOfresh "Active Oxygen" Refrigerator Preservation

Our OZOfresh Ozone Refrigerator Preservation device is designed to be installed into refrigerators (domestic & commercial) and provides a low level ozone discharge at specific intervals.  

The device is currently installed in Hotpoint refrigerators and is marketed as:

"First Day Freshness" & "Active Oxygen"

The appliance manufacturer Hotpoint Indesit claim that Active Oxygen is a "new revolutionary technology, that makes it possible to keep first day freshness of food for up to 9 days" and that it "prevents the formation of bacteria up to 90% and reduces bad odours by 70%". Furthermore Hotpoint states that "this is possible thanks to a device that releases active oxygen molecules in the fridge, consisting of three oxygen molecules; a pure breath of fresh air".

This device provides a radical, yet low cost technological solution to food spoilage and one that possesses enormous marketing potential to appliance manufacturers with further applications in refrigerators, dishwashers and tumble dryers.