OZOfresh Ozone Chamber Sanitisation

The OZOFRESH Sanitising Cabinet has been specifically developed to satisfy the need for sanitising materials and products passed between low and high care areas in a food manufacturing process.

Ozone is the most powerful natural sanitiser known to man

Ozone is some 1500 times more powerful than Chlorine!

Ozone leaves NO residue as it reverts to oxygen within minutes.


  • Up to 3 log (1000 times) reduction of commonly occuring food spoilage bacteria
  • Materials ready to use when the cycle is completed
  • No residue whatsoever, ozone reverts to oxygen within minutes so no after cleaning is required
  • No chemicals needed so environmentally friendly
  • Ozone is produced by combining electricity with oxygen from the air; Ozone is free!
  • Contaminated material can be re-routed through the cabinet, thus reducing waste 

Larger Chambers are available for larger palletised materials and products