Steam Release


With the advent of ‘microwave in the pack’ ready meals and recipe dishes and the subsequent extension of this concept to whole and prepared fresh produce, it has become evident that a broad range of the products on offer, although generally ‘acceptable’ after microwave ovening do suffer, however, from a deterioration in eating quality when compared to more traditional methods of cooking or re-heating.

This deterioration is principally due to a rapid and uneven water loss from the product, leading to adverse textural changes. These are typically found in microwave cooked, fresh potatoes, asparagus, green beans, leeks, Brussels sprouts and celery, which can become ‘tough’ and ‘stringy’, although this problem is widespread across the range of ‘microwave-ready’ convenience foods.

Steamrelease was developed to counter this problem and is a small pack inclusion, which rapidly releases water vapour into the pack atmosphere during microwave cooking, effectively controlling and reducing water loss from the product itself, thus retaining texture and ‘mouth feel’

Steamrelease can, in addition, carry a range of natural flavourings, which will infuse the food with a hint of garlic or a touch of mint!

Packaged foods are often dry out throughout their shelf life and this is exacerbated by microwave ovens. Steam Release sachets release moisture vapour in to a food package which aids microwave oven cooking and infuses moisture into the food product.