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Our mission is to supply....
"active and intelligent solutions to protect and enhance your products"

EMCO supply Modified Atmosphere Packaging systems to help maintain product quality and extend the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals.

EMCO is a Standa Distributor for Atmosphere Control SAS Products (ATCO Products). Please see a link to their web site below:

Beyond our association with Standa Industries and the UK distribution of ATCO products, EMCO are also experts in Ozone Technologies (OZOfresh) and Oxygen generating technology (OxyFRESH), we manufacture these systems to harness and deploy Oxygen and Ozone. Ozone is an enormously powerful natural sanitiser, it enhances product quality and helps to reduce product spoilage. 

Our active OxyFresh & Ozone technologies have found new applications in the following markets: Medical, Domestic Appliance Manufacturers, Printing and Tobacco industries. So successful have these forays into new markets been; that EMCO now runs a constant development program that explores new market sectors and applications. 

Furthermore we supply Instrumentation and Software to quality assure your packaging and production processes. EMCO continues to expand its reach with the addition of our new software arm and we now provide simple to use web based software solutions to further control, record and evaluate your production processes.