OxyFRESH Oxygen Emitters

Description of this exciting new science

Our OxyFRESHTM sachets emit oxygen into a package whilst simultaneously absorbing carbon dioxide.

High oxygen may seem counter intuitive, yet very high O2 levels created by the use of OxyFRESH sachets cause an "oxygen shock" which results in significant shelf life gains in a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables!

The controlled release of oxygen is tailored to the respiration rate of the packed product with excellent shelf life results seen in products from strawberries & cherries to new potatoes & broccoli.

A further mainstream use of this technology is in Fresh Red Meat where we can offer oxygen emitting self adhesive labels as a complement to high oxygen gas flushing. Fresh red meat consumes the pack atmosphere causing the pack to shrink. To combat this phenomena, meat packers use excessively deep trays. This excessive packaging waste can be removed when an oxygen & CO2 emitter is used to maintain pack volume. Additionally the constant high O2 level and in the packs helps to keep the meat bright & "bloomed" and prevent bacterial degradation.   

This exciting new technology is not limited to the food industry; with new applications being identified in the medical, pharmaceutical, printing and other non food industries.

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